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Customize your salary research: industry, experience, location

To have the leverage to increase your salary, your research needs to be tailored to your current role or the role you’re seeking. Don’t come in with a too-high salary because you didn’t narrow your research down to your city or your level of experience. You’ve got to get granular to get a realistic sense of what you should ask for.

So assess where you are in your career, and get the salary data that reflects it. You must consider the following factors that help determine a reasonable salary for your work:

  • Industry: Salary ranges vary widely, but there are general industry norms you need to know.
  • Role & Responsibilities: Your responsibilities and title play into your salary.
  • Experience: The years of experience you have are crucial to your target salary. Know exactly how much time you’ve worked in your role, so you can filter data to fit.
  • Expertise & Education: If you’re in a high-demand field or have a highly specialized degree, you can probably ask for more money.
  • Location: Where the job is located may have the biggest effect on your realistic salary range. Cost of living is huge, and the exact same role will have very different salaries in Seattle and St. Louis.

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