Pre-Application: Job Search Strategy
Career Marketing Tools: Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile
Networking, Recruiters & Job Boards
Interviewing & Negotiating Offers

Building a list of target companies

Research and build a list of titles and roles at companies you would like to work for. At this step, it is important to evaluate these and use this as an opportunity to set expectations, especially if you’re looking to start in an advanced role that your background doesn’t 100% qualify. Realign your focus and look more at keywords that you’re likely to gain experience with. 

As you’re building your list, consider the following 9 factors:

1) company mission, vision, culture & values 
2) quality of your manager
3) quality of your team/co-workers
4) growth opportunities
5) learning & skills development 
6) company’s financial health
7) company’s reputation
8) pay & benefits
9) work/life balance

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