Avoiding the mass application strategy

It’s tempting to start sending out resumes, I know. It feels really productive—but you should actually focus on planning your job search before sending a single application.

First, plan to run a targeted job search and avoid the mass application strategy. On average, with a success rate of 2-3.4%, it takes 50 applications to land one interview, but don’t mistake volume for quality. You’re better off planning out 10-20 target companies and researching them, strategizing your fit and reviewing your networking strategy than blasting out 100 generic resumes.

As you plan, think about how you fit the positions you’re interested in. Think about the challenges they are trying to solve with this role and how you can contribute. Look at your network for who works there—even former clients, vendors or alumni. It’s only after you’ve done this planning phase that you’re ready to start writing or editing your resume and cover letter because now you know exactly what it takes to get the attention of hiring managers.

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