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Leadership Branding Coaching Program

6 Month Coaching Program

Leadership Branding​

Mold a broader narrative around your personal leadership brand by fostering a paradigm shift from viewing leadership as a position of authority to seeing it as a responsibility to guide, inspire, and empower others. Through our 6-month program, we help leaders of all levels develop a more inclusive, empathetic, and effective leadership style.

What You Will Learn

Transform your leadership brand and prepare yourself for continuous growth in your career.

  • In-depth understanding of your unique leadership style
  • Recognition of your individual strengths and areas for growth
  • Insight into the impact of your leadership style on team dynamics and productivity
  • Techniques to personalize your leadership approach
  • Skills to create and implement a Personal Leadership Development Plan
  • Strategies for maintaining progress, making necessary adjustments, and effectively using feedback
  • Tools for continuous growth and learning as a leader
  • Reflection on improvements and setting future leadership goals

Coaching Program Outline

This introductory session will provide an overview of different leadership styles and their characteristics.

You will complete a leadership assessment to identify the predominant leadership style followed by a detailed discussion and interpretation of the assessment results.

With the help of your coach, you will reflect on individual strengths and areas for improvement in your leadership style.

In this session, we will explore how your leadership style can influence team dynamics and productivity.

You will learn how to leverage your unique strengths and mitigate weaknesses to develop a personalized leadership style.

This session focuses on ways to develop a personalized leadership development plan that aligns with your unique style and growth areas.

We will take a deep dive exploring strategies for effective implementation of your leadership development plan.

Through this interactive session, we will unpack techniques for monitoring progress and making necessary adjustments to the leadership development plan.

Reflect on the coaching sessions, we will discuss the continuous growth and learning as a leader as we make improvements and set goals for future leadership development.

Self-paced Online Course

Pricing and Timeline

Making an investment in your professional growth is a significant decision so we offers competitive pricing for maximum return on investment with two distinct pricing structures: one for Online Learning Only and another for Comprehensive Coaching + Online Learning. Each option includes all course related materials and ongoing email support throughout your journey. Professional resume + cover letter writing services can be added for additional cost.

12 Coaching Sessions X 60 Minutes — $9999
Self-paced Online Course — $199