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Accelerating Women Leaders

6 Month Coaching Program

Accelerating Women Leaders Coaching Program

A unique program designed to equip women leaders with the essential skills and techniques required to be persuasive communicators and influential leaders, this coaching program focuses on emphasizing the value and importance of women in leadership roles, breaking down unconscious biases that enable imposter syndrome, and showcasing their immense contributions and influence.

What You Will Learn:

By the end of this program, you will have developed a deeper understanding and mastery of various communication skills essential for effective leadership. These skills include public speaking, non-verbal communication, active listening, overcoming communication barriers, and building your unique leadership brand.

Through interactive group sessions and workshops, you will gain hands-on experience applying these skills in real-life scenarios.

  • Overcoming Stage Fright: Techniques to manage anxiety and become comfortable speaking in public.
  • Effective Verbal Communication: Enhanced skills for clear and impactful verbal exchanges.
  • Mastering Non-Verbal Communication: Increased understanding of body language and its effective use.
  • Active Listening: Improved listening ability, fostering stronger relationships and leadership capabilities.
  • Handling Communication Barriers: Strategies for dealing with communication challenges, particularly those unique to women leaders.
  • Leadership Brand Development: The ability to develop and showcase your unique leadership style.
  • Practical Application of Verbal Skills: Experience and confidence gained from practicing verbal communication in mock scenarios.
  • Understanding Non-Verbal Cues: Practical knowledge of the power of non-verbal communication gained from participatory activities.
  • Real-Life Listening Skills: Enhanced listening skills practiced and refined in role-play scenarios.
  • Navigating Communication Barriers: Learning from peers’ experiences in navigating communication barriers.
  • Leadership Brand Assessment: Feedback from peers on your leadership brand concepts.
  • Personal Action Planning: Strategies to implement the skills learned in the program and a roadmap for continued leadership and communication growth.

Coaching Program Outline

Understand the basics of communication and its significance in leadership. This will be the building block for future sessions.

Learn techniques to overcome stage fright and improve your public speaking skills.

Deep dive into the nuances of body language and how to use it effectively.

Discover how active listening enhances your leadership skills.

Discuss and strategize about overcoming potential communication challenges faced by women leaders.

Work on developing your unique leadership style based on your communication skills.

Engage in mock scenarios to practice and improve verbal communication skills.

Participate in activities to understand the power of non-verbal communication.

Role-play exercises to practice effective listening skills in real-life situations.

Share experiences and learn from peers on how they’ve navigated communication barriers.

Participants present their personal leadership brand concepts and receive constructive feedback.

This closing session will provide a recap, personal action plans, and strategies for implementing what has been learned in the real world.

Self-paced Online Course

Our carefully curated mini-online course unlocks the power of effective communication for women in leadership. It features six comprehensive modules meticulously designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies to boost your presence, articulate your thoughts assertively, comprehend non-verbal cues, enhance listening skills, overcome communication barriers, and create a unique personal leadership brand.

Pricing and Timeline

Making an investment in your professional growth is a significant decision so we offers competitive pricing for maximum return on investment with two distinct pricing structures: one for Online Learning Only and another for Comprehensive Coaching + Online Learning. Each option includes all course related materials and ongoing email support throughout your journey. Professional resume + cover letter writing services can be added for additional cost.

12 Coaching Sessions X 60 Minutes — $9999

Self-paced Online Course — $199