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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the vast job market? A professional contemplating a career shift but unsure where to start? Or perhaps you’re a job seeker who’s sent out dozens of resumes but received no callbacks? If you nodded to any of these, our Career Coaching Service is here to transform your job search into a rewarding journey towards your dream career.

The Career Leap Blueprint

With our proven strategies and unwavering support, you’ll be empowered to take that next major career leap with certainty. Think of us as your career growth partners, investing in your success every step of the way.

  • Intake Session: Dedicated to understanding the your values, goals, strengths, and desired career trajectory.
  • Assessment: Administer online assessments (as needed) to pinpoint strengths and talents for specific career paths.
  • Goal Setting: Collaboratively set achievable professional goals that align with your talents, skills, passion, and interests.
  • Skill Gap Analysis: Identify and assess skills required for target roles and your current skill gaps.
  • Professional Development Plan: A tailored skill development plan with professional SWOT Analysis that may include courses, certifications, or other training recommendations.
  • Hands-on Training: Provide practical training and coaching on essential skills such as resume writing, interview techniques, networking, communication, and more.
  • Target Industry/Company Research: Conduct in-depth research on various industries and target companies to identify key skills, experiences, and qualities in demand.
  • Personal Brand Strategy: Craft a clear personal brand that showcases your unique value proposition and what sets you apart from other job seekers.
  • Elevator Pitch: Develop a concise and impactful elevator pitch that summarizes your background, skills, and aspirations, ready for use in networking and interviews.
  • Content Gathering: Collection of all pertinent work history, achievements, skills, and qualifications.
  • Storyboarding: Outlining a strong narrative for the resume that effectively illustrates your journey and value proposition.
  • Resume Drafting: Writing the first draft of the resume and cover letter, incorporating storytelling techniques to highlight your unique brand.
  • Revisions: Iterative process with up to three revisions based on your feedback.
  • Targeted Job Search: Develop a targeted job search strategy based on the your career goals and market analysis. This may include utilizing online job boards, leveraging social networks, or industry events/connections.
  • Networking Strategy: Guide you in building professional networks and seeking opportunities to gain insights and make meaningful connections in their desired industries.
  • Interview Preparation: Offer mock interviews, actionable tips, and best practices to build confidence and interview performance and prepare you for job interviews.
  • Negotiation Support: Provide guidance and support during the job offer negotiation process to help you secure desired compensation and benefits package.

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Dive Deep into Personalized Coaching

Imagine having a career ally, someone who not only listens but also understands your career goals, challenges, and strengths. Our personalized coaching is tailored just for you.

Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips

Benefit from the vast experience and wisdom of our seasoned career experts. They're your personal career strategists, offering advice and tactics tailored specifically to your field and aspirations.

Strategize with a Job Search Plan

No more shooting arrows in the dark. Craft a job search plan that's as unique as you are, aligning your strengths, skills, and preferred industries with market opportunities.

Accelerate with Online Course Access

Gain exclusive access to our Job Search Accelerator Online Course, covering everything from career visioning to mastering interviews, this comprehensive online resource is packed with modules designed to advance your job search.

Tap into our vast library of resources, including ATS-friendly resume templates, guides, playbooks, checklists, and more. These tools are your secret weapon, designed to keep you organized, informed, and ahead of the curve.


Hello there! I’m Angie 👋

Since 2019, I’ve been coaching and training thousands of professionals at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Meta, and Accenture to help them grow as better leaders, navigate changes/transitions, and work through challenges to reach their career goals.
As the former board chair and now co-founder and leadership advisor of Generational Development, I have a unique behind-the-scenes perspective of what works and what doesn’t. I’ve interviewed and hired hundreds of professionals, supported the growth of leaders, and advised leading organizations on talent development strategies.
And through it all, I’ve discovered the subtle nuances that make a BIG difference in the success of professionals and companies. From the importance of personal branding and networking to the power of storytelling and emotional intelligence, I’ve seen firsthand how these elements can make or break a career.

Your dream job is out there, waiting for you – all you need are the resources, confidence, and drive to get you there. Find all of this and more in our self-paced online course.



Kickstart your career transformation with a powerful, single coaching session. This entry-level tier is designed for quick yet impactful guidance, including comprehensive resume development to make your first impression count.



Growth tier is tailored for professionals seeking deeper, more strategic interventions in their career paths. Over the course of 5 focused sessions, you’ll receive personalized coaching, advanced resume development, and actionable strategies to accelerate your career progress.



Our most extensive package offers a holistic and in-depth coaching experience. It includes 10 private sessions aimed at achieving profound transformation in your career trajectory. Accompanied by top-tier resume development, this program is designed to hone your leadership skills, refine your career strategy, and position you as a standout candidate in any job market.

Most Frequent Questions and Answers

At Generational Development, we view our services as more than just a one-time transaction. We’re an investment in your lifelong career success. Our tailored career coaching and resume development services equip you with the tools, knowledge, and strategies that will serve you well beyond securing your next job. We focus on empowering you with skills for continuous self-improvement and career advancement, ensuring that the value of your investment multiplies over time. Additionally, we offer flexible payment options and packages, making our services accessible and mindful of your financial considerations.

Absolutely! We have a plethora of testimonials from satisfied clients who have experienced significant career milestones thanks to our comprehensive services. For instance, one of our clients landed their dream job at Microsoft within 3 months of our coaching sessions, attributing their success to the personalized strategies and resume enhancement we provided. Another executive-level client reported a 30% salary increase after we helped negotiate their job offer. Our website features a dedicated section for these success stories, showcasing the diverse and concrete ways in which our methods have facilitated real, impactful career advancements.

Understanding the busy lives of professionals, we’ve designed our programs with maximum flexibility in mind. Our coaching sessions can be tailored to fit into your schedule, whether that means late evenings or weekends. We also streamline our resume development process to ensure it’s not just effective but efficient, minimizing the time you spend while maximizing the impact. Our aim is to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle, ensuring that every interaction is both productive and convenient, so you can focus on what’s most important without compromising your career advancement goals.

Our “Tailored to You” philosophy ensures that every aspect of our service is customized to meet the specific needs and goals of each client. Unlike generic career services that apply a one-size-fits-all approach, we start with a thorough assessment of your unique career objectives, challenges, and personal branding. This allows us to craft personalized coaching strategies and create bespoke resume designs that genuinely reflect your individual career trajectory. The benefit is clear: our clients enjoy a more targeted, effective service that directly addresses their career needs, leading to faster and more significant results in their career advancement.

Your Success, Guaranteed” embodies our total commitment to your career progression. While we can’t guarantee specific job outcomes due to the unpredictable nature of job markets, we assure you of our steadfast dedication to your career success. If, after utilizing our services, you find that you haven’t made measurable progress in your career goals – whether that’s securing interviews, advancing to next-stage interviews, or enhancing your professional network – we pledge to continue supporting you. This might include additional coaching sessions, resume revisions, or supplementary resources, all at no extra cost, until you see significant improvements and feel confident in the direction your career is headed.

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