Get 10X more interviews with the career tools hiring managers and recruiters look for

Did you know you have 7.4 seconds to grab the attention of a recruiter reading your resume? Make it count!

Using personal branding best practices, our team of career development experts provides you with job marketing and search tools that grab the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, position your experience effectively, and avoid making common errors that prevent qualified candidates from reaching the interview phase.

Plus, with our LinkedIn makeover, we’ll create your dynamic online presence, showcasing your aptitude for technology, your career highlights, and your personal brand so recruiters can easily find and be impressed by your experience and skills.

Best of all, it’s all tailored to your career, experience, and job search goals.

Professional Resume

Your resume is one of your best marketing and career search tools, so leverage its full potential! Through our Premium Resume Writing Service, you’ll receive a powerful resume that positions your experience for your next desired step. With full keyword optimization and ATS formatting, your resume will be visible and easily found when submitted to your dream positions. Plus, you’ll get effective cover letter and thank you letter templates to boost your chances of success!

Cover Letter

Want to stand out from other candidates? Let us create your custom cover letter that will not only get your foot in the door but also make your application stand out and double the chances of success.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Recruiters and hiring managers are combing LinkedIn for qualified candidates, so make sure your LinkedIn allows you to not just be found, but stand out from every other candidate! Our LinkedIn Optimization service includes a professionally written LinkedIn profile, keyword optimization for improved visibility, and suggestions you can use right away to boost your LinkedIn presence.

Are you ready to enhance your career and change your life?

Who is this for?

After partnering with professionals in all career stages and industries, we know how to create the personalized marketing and job search tools you need to get attention, land the interview, and get the job!

Career Transitioner

You’re actively seeking a new position or making a career transition.

Resourceful Job-Hunter

You want to be the most competitive, valuable candidate on the job market.

Mid to Senior Level Leader

You’re a mid-career or executive-level professional who understands the value of a powerful resume, LinkedIn profile, and online presence.

Your job search success steps:

Step 1: Discuss your job search and career goals.

Step 2: Get a powerful resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile—tailored to your goals.

Step 3: Use your personalized job search tools to apply for new positions.

Step 4: Get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers—and get your job offer!

How does it work?

We partner with clients to tell a story about the unique professional journey with the most important milestones as outcomes that changed and improved the bottom line for projects, clients, and companies instrumental in making it happen.


Complete a questionnaire to flesh out your qualifications, skills, competencies, and achievements.


We'll take an opportunity to discuss your professional experience and career goals.


Receive up to three rounds of comprehensive revisions based on your feedback.

Wrap Up

Final delivery includes new resume & cover letter in 2 different formats: PDF & MS Word.

Frequently asked questions

  • You’re a mid-career or executive-level professional actively seeking a new position or making a career transition.
  • You want to be the most competitive, valuable candidate on the job market.
  • You know the value of a powerful resume, LinkedIn profile, and online presence.
  • You want to work with trusted, certified coaches who know what hiring managers and recruiters look for.

We work with experienced professionals who are looking to maximize their chances of securing an interview and landing their dream job.

  • First drafts are delivered in 5-7 business days (after completion of onboarding).
  • All draft revisions are delivered in 1-3 business days (per each round).
  • RUSH (60% faster) delivers first drafts in 2 business days (after onboarding).

In general, the Resume Writing process typically lasts from 7 to 14 business days (from start to finish). This timeline takes into consideration the completion of the introductory questionnaire, consultation call, first draft development, draft revisions, and preparation of the final delivery. Best results come from taking this process at a medium pace. If you need it done fast, consider RUSH, complete the introductory questionnaire, and make yourself available for the intake call. We’ll do our best to accommodate your timeline needs.

The length of a resume depends on the length and depth of someone’s work experience. While someone who has been in the workforce for a limited time might have a one-page resume, someone with 5-10 years of experience might need two.

You can expect up to 5 revisions/rounds to make the resume and profile the best they can be. We encourage our clients to request as many changes to ensure you’re fully satisfied with your new documents.

All of our career services team members are former hiring managers or recruiters and/or seasoned veterans of the trade like professionally trained coaches.

Chronological resume is classic format that lists your work experience in order, starting with the most recent. Functional resume emphasizes qualifications and accomplishments instead of specific jobs, but isn’t recommended. Hybrid (our favorite) resume is modern format where skills and highlights go at the top before a detailed professional experience.

Yes. This is a key component to compel the hiring manager to keep reading and a great way to define you as a professional and cover those areas most relevant to your career level and job target.

Absolutely! We use data driven approaches that force automated hiring systems to put your resume on the top of their priority list. Your resume is passed through our own AI software to guarantee success.

Keywords are used to rank resumes. The more keyword rich the document is the better. These can be woven throughout the resume, but it’s especially easy to update in the core competencies/expertise section. Use the job description/posting to borrow as much language as you can. Also, try to describe similar skills in more than one way (e.g. acronym and written out). Also, avoid images or text boxes (which you’ve done) and don’t include contact information in a header on the first page.

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