Exercise 2: Peak Experiences

Life is like a roller coaster, and I want you to identify what parts of your life have been the peak moments in your roller coaster. The Peak Experiences exercise will help you gain deeper clarity on what areas of your life have brought you the most joy and fulfillment.

For this activity, take a look at your previous life experiences—this can include work, volunteer, hobbies, and more—and list them out with as many specifics as you remember. Don’t just write “learned to paint”, instead write “had my painting on display at the local art gallery.” 

You may find it helpful to refer to your resume to remind you of different career experiences you’ve had. Once you have at least a dozen experiences, choose the half that was the best, then pick the top half of that list, until you’re left with 3-5 peak experiences.

Now that you have your top life experiences, spend time examining them. Are they similar? What did you enjoy about these experiences? How did you learn from them? This entire activity should help you gain an understanding of what type of work or projects you enjoy the most. This information will allow you to make informed career decisions. 

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