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Your resume is one of your best marketing and career search tools, so leverage its full potential!

Through our Resume Writing Service, you’ll receive a powerful resume that positions your experience for your next desired step.

With full keyword optimization and ATS formatting, your resume will be visible and easily found when submitted to your dream positions.

Plus, you’ll get a custom cover letter and thank you letter templates to get your foot in the door but also make your application stand out and double the chances of success!

Let us take the complexity out of crafting a captivating resume.

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We follow writing guidelines based on industry research and expertise.

  • High-impact Length – Usage of clear and concise bullets quantifying your experience and articulating bottom-line results
  • Keyword Optimized – Your resume will include relevant keywords that are relevant to your job role and career objectives
  • Achievement-focused Language – Professionally written content to present your work experience, and transferable skills, highlighting professional and educational accomplishments
  • ATS Compatible – Our format allows ATS to easily scan and parse relevant data from your resume, making your chances of landing that interview much higher

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14 reviews for Professional Resume Writing

  1. Dana, Enterprise Sales Executive at Amazon Web Services (AWS)​​

    I doubled my salary and successfully pivoted my career by landing a job at one of the largest technology companies in the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS)! Angie has a keen eye for positioning a person’s executive career achievements, drawing out the details, and quantifying a person’s impact. Angie’s approach is strategic, thoughtful, and polished. She empowered me to successfully pivot my career and speak about my experience from a macro level as opposed to focusing on specific tasks or projects. Angie wrote my resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and coached me on two mock interviews. I can honestly say Angie is a critical part of advancing your professional career.

  2. Pao, Founder at Alma Orgullo

    Angie, simply put, is one of the best professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. Her Career Coach services did not only help me craft my story, but she researched, spent time to understand and encouraged me to highlight the very best aspects of my work to shine. Working with Angie, you get a clear understanding of the time she invests into her craft. She’s deliberate with her communication and when she has your attention, you can be assured it will be uninterrupted. For me, her ability to keep our projects moving forward was of utmost importance. The pandemic happened as we embarked on my project – a time that no doubt would have been overwhelmingly under normal circumstances; however, due to COVID, my anxiety was certainly exacerbated. Angie’s patience was greatly appreciated as life matters and COVID interrupted our momentum. She was understanding and happy to help address issues that arose during the process. It was clear early on in the process that she had her pulse on what today’s job market required, both on a qualitative and quantitative level. Strategically, she refined the very best attributes I had to offer, as she understands how to crucial these skills are to a prospective employer.

  3. Priya, Senior Brand Manager at DevaCurl

    I would recommend it as a service that helps you get out as much of your skills as possible and putting that on paper to tell a holistic career story. It helped me create a thorough snapshot of my achievements, whereas, my resume previously focused on task-oriented work.

    I think that the questionnaire is useful, but I feel like it can be overwhelming. The process can be somewhat simplified. I think that there can be more conversations between the client and provider in order to foster a better collaboration and the client’s tone of voice, personality, and goals can be reflected on the resume.

    Overall, I found this service to be very useful as it gave me a better depiction of the type of resume needed to standout in the job market. I learned that my experience should be more results-focused rather than task-centered.

  4. Logan, Sr. Business Operations Manager at SketchDeck

    The process truly made me feel like a client that was cared for and listened to. What surprised me most about the service was how easy the process was. I would describe the service as a resume writer and career coach that really dives into your accomplishments and work history to provide the most accurate and professional resume that can be adapted to any job description or position. From the discovery call, Angie not only made me energized about my resume and job hunting but also about my career. I was excited about how energized I felt about getting the resume together and start applying to progress in my career and apply for jobs that are next level for my position.

  5. Chelsea, Senior Compliance Officer at JPMorgan Chase & Co

    I would describe it as the best investment you can make in yourself. Choosing to use Generational Development’s services was an easy decision. From my first consultation through the final product I was very pleased with their services. I was lucky enough to have Angie Lee work with me to build a strong resume and LinkedIn profile. I came to Generational Development unsure of my next career move but after speaking with Angie on several occasions I walked away with clarity. Overall the process moved along smoothly and each timeline given to me was met. Once my resume and LinkedIn profile were launch I received requests for interviews within days and I received a job offer in a matter of weeks. I was beyond pleased with these results and have recommended Generational Development to many friends and colleagues.

    Gen Development offered everything I was looking for, resume drafting, career coaching and LinkedIn development. But it was the my first interview with Angie Lee that lead me to feel this was who I wanted to choose to work with. Angie knew how to steer the conversation and ask the right questions to help me determine what services were best suited for me.

    After using Generational Development I was able to navigate with clarity what my next career move should be. Once my resume was created and my LinkedIn page was revised I received a lot of traction and was able to land interviews within days, eventually getting a job offer in less than two months.

  6. Dmitry, Software Engineer at Meta

    As a software engineer, I needed to differentiate myself in an enormous pool of candidates and catch the eye of recruiters with my resume. With Angie, you can see professionalism in every little aspect of her work. The flawless presentation and attention to detail and execution made the services stand out from other options. Everything was high-end and very professional.

  7. Louis, Sr. Collections Manager at Attentive Mobile

    I found a new job in a very competitive market! The end product was so good; it really got me noticed. As a senior job applicant, I was very nervous about ageism. Angie took my experience and made it stand out on my resume, so that prospective employers saw my skills and not my age. If I were to recommend Gen Dev’s service, I would describe it as They listen. They dissect. They show you how to dig deep into a person’s work history and verbalize it in writing to make a strong resume.

  8. Angela, Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft

    It was one of the best investments I have made in myself! Working with Angie at Gen Dev has made it very clear what my values & skills are, what I’m aspiring for, and what is important to me in my next career. I enjoyed every session with her, and overall I gained a lot of self-confidence in my work experiences, and ultimately, I was able to land my new job, which I’m super excited about. I would say that this is helpful if someone needs guidance for the next steps in their career, whether it is an industry change, job role change, or simply unsure of the next steps. I was unsure of the industry transition that I was about to make and the value I bring to the table as an employee. I was hoping to find a coach who could guide me from a more holistic approach rather than land another job. My pre-consultation with Angie was promising, professional and I felt confident in her skills as a career coach. Being able to talk and open up to someone about my work insecurities was almost therapeutic to overcome those insecurities.

  9. Martine, Regional Vice President at Arthritis Foundation

    You are making a big mistake if you do not hire Angie and her company to work with you. I was desperate to find an individual or company to assist me in updating my resume. My resume was outdated. In fact, my resume dated my age. Now it appears clean, professional and ageless. I initially had a conversation with Angie, and for me, after that initial chat, it was a “no brainer” for me. Angie is a true professional; she is smart, capable, confident, and kind. She is meticulous with her work. Angie responds quickly to your needs; although we never FaceTimed or met in person, I felt I had someone who was always diligently working on my behalf. It was truly a wonderful experience working with Angie. Although I know Angie was super busy, I never felt she didn’t have time for me. It was a wonderful experience working with Generational Development. It took little time to get the job done. I continue to get compliments on my resume.

  10. Kevin, Producer, Sunday Night Football at NBC Sports Group

    Working with Angie was the best. She made the entire process of reforming my resume extremely easy. I have no question I would go back to her group when the time comes.

  11. Rachel, Learning Experience Design Lead at Girls Leadership Institute

    If you’re on the fence about working with Gen Dev, DO IT YOU WONT REGRET IT! I have been so nervous about leaving the field of teaching because I have been doing it for ten years. I am passionate about DEI and want to transition into the corporate sector to explore those talents and ideas. Angie celebrated all of my past and current accomplishments and helped me visualize how I can use my current skills for these types of future jobs. We also did a mock interview which was incredible. Angie practiced with me several times and I felt like the interview was awesome with NHL as a result of that. I have been more confidently applying to jobs with my new resume and cover letter and linkedin profile. She is incredible at what she does.

  12. Roxana, Sr. Manager of Product Health & Ops at American Express

    General Development is in the business of positioning their clients in the best possible way to achieve the career goals they desire. As a result of Angie’s help, my performance during the job interview process improved significantly. I feel much more comfortable in my ability to express myself and speak about my skills and abilities. In addition, my resume now accurately reflects my skills and achievements, and I am much more confident sending it out than before.

    I have felt as if I’ve been stuck in my position for years, with no prospects for advancing my career; indeed, with no idea where to turn to next. My husband had worked with Angie Lee before to rework his resume, and he enthusiastically recommended her to me. After speaking with Angie during my initial consultation, I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel for me — a hope for the future that I had not felt in years. During the process of reworking my resume with her, and boosting my interview skills, I was able to see my professional history in a new light and realize that I do have significant value and can share that value with any potential employer. I was actually surprised by all the professional achievements I had made in the past; I had forgotten my past successes. Angie guided me toward remembering them, highlighting them on my resume and during job interviews. After my project with Angie was done, I knew where I wanted to head professionally and how to get there. My confidence in myself has returned, and that in and of itself is priceless.

    I was surprised by how thorough and professional this service was, in addition to being effective. I was also got the sense from Angie that she truly cares about her clients and their success. I would say do not hesitate. The results you will achieve will not only position you for success, but also boost your confidence in yourself, your abilities and your achievements.

  13. Adem, District Manager at ADP

    I’ve learned a ton about myself working with Angie and generational development. She really helped me become a better professional. I went from working with smaller companies to working for ADP, a Fortune 250 Company. Before working with Angie, that type of company wouldn’t even have given me a chance to interview. She helped me sell myself and my qualities, uncover skills I didn’t know I had or had taken for granted and taught me how to leverage networking to get better opportunities. On top of that, she optimized my LinkedIn and resume to be seen more by recruiters and hiring managers. That’s just a small example of what generational development has done to help my career. What surprised me most was how Angie went above and beyond to make sure I got the most out of our time together. Whether I was flaky because I was going through things emotionally or she needed to go overtime to explain something to me, she never gave up on me, I never felt rushed, and she never once complained. I always felt supported.

  14. Greg, Former Global Head of Marketing Technology & Partnerships at Twitter

    Working with Angie was a transformative experience for me. Her approach to coaching and rebuilding my professional profile was both strategic and thoughtful. Prior to working with Angie I had been struggling with carving out a strong career narrative and articulating my story. Angie quickly understood these challenges and went straight to work. She was quickly able to help me develop a new, compelling professional narrative that has yielded fantastic results.

    I highly recommend Angie to all professionals at any stage of their career!

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