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Welcome to the Leadership Archetypes: Discovering Your Unique Leadership Style course. This journey, estimated to run around 10 hours, will take you through a transformative process, fostering greater self-awareness and making you a more effective, empathetic leader.

In this course, you’ll navigate through a series of interactive modules, engaging discussions, and real-world scenarios designed to cultivate the leader within you. Wondering how to get around? Follow the prompts and directions throughout the modules. If you need help, we have a comprehensive help guide and support system.

Learning Objectives for the Course:

  1. Enhance self-awareness: Enhance your self-awareness and understanding of your own leadership style through critical reflection and analysis.
  2. Develop Emotional Intelligence: Learn the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership and apply its principles.
  3. Understand Leadership Styles: Gain a comprehensive understanding of various leadership styles, their characteristics, and their impact in different scenarios.
  4. Apply Leadership Concepts: Apply learned concepts and principles in real-world situations through the analysis of case studies.
  5. Understand Core Values: Through key readings, understand and identify your core values and their role in your leadership journey.
  6. Self-reflection: Utilize the Reflection Journal to evaluate your reactions and responses to different leadership scenarios, fostering growth and development.

To complete the course successfully, engage fully in each module, participate in group discussions, and complete the quizzes and assessments. Upon completing this course, you’ll be equipped with a deeper understanding of yourself and your leadership potential.

Your journey toward enlightened leadership starts now. Strap in and get ready to discover a new horizon of self-awareness. The path may be challenging, but the rewards are limitless. Welcome aboard!