Job Search Accelerator


There is a science and art to a successful job search. It’s more than a spell-checked resume and applying to every job that catches your eye. Your job hunt is more complicated than ever before—but you also have more opportunities and advantages than ever before. In this course, you’ll learn how to navigate each step of your job search, from the pre-application period to the application phase to the interview and acceptance finale. You’ll find actionable tips you probably haven’t heard before—plus discover the mistakes job seekers make that cost them opportunities.


Course features:

  • 30+ worksheets, templates, implementation guides and supplemental resources
  • Access to a library of word-for-word examples and templates
  • Ready to use messaging scripts for networking
  • 4 course modules and 20 chapters
  • Progress tracking and completion certificates
  • Full lifetime access

In completing this course, participants will:

  • Recognize and avoid common mistakes job seekers make in the early job search phase
  • Get access to strategic tips and techniques to build and improve your mindset during your job search
  • Map out your career path to figure out your next career move Gain career clarity even if you’re feeling stuck in your current job/career
  • Create a vision statement for career planning
  • Create a results-oriented resume showcasing accomplishments, transferable skills, and experience in a way that will be irresistible to hiring managers and recruiters
  • Write a compelling cover letter with a template you can follow
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile to get found by recruiters and hiring managers
  • Build a proactive job search strategy that gets immediate results Identify and research your target companies and positions
  • Master interviews with our preparation worksheet with most common interview questions
  • Access a library of word-for-word examples and templates plus ready to use messaging scripts and templates for networking online and offline
  • Leverage comprehensive job search action plan worksheet for targeted job search and evaluate search activities to decide when to start applying for jobs
  • Master your perfect elevator pitch to effectively communicate your value proposition
  • Discover smart job networking strategies to get you in front of your target audience
  • Get the most out of informational interviews with sample scripts and questions you can follow
  • Develop powerful professional relationships to unlock opportunities

Resources: Worksheets, Templates, Checklists

  • 1 – 100 Dreams Exercise
  • Peak Experiences Exercise
  • Table of Contents of Interest Exercise
  • Workplace Values Assessment
  • CliftonStrengths Online Talent Assessment Worksheet
  • Tap into Your Values Worksheet
  • Professional SWOT Analysis Worksheet
  • Job Search Action Plan
  • Company Research Worksheet
  • Thank you Templates
  • Trusted Job Boards List
  • Mapping Your Professional/Social Network
  • Master Your Elevator Pitch
  • ATS Resume Templates
  • Resume Checklist
  • List of Resume Power Action Verbs
  • Bullet Point Worksheet
  • Cover Letter Templates
  • Cover Letter Checklist
  • LinkedIn Optimization & Networking Guide
  • LinkedIn Bio Guide
  • Informational Interview Checklist
  • Most Common Interview Questions List
  • Message Scripts & Templates
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