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If you’re new to the job market, we know how challenging it can be to get recognized by recruiters. Of course, you don’t want to settle for just any job, you want to set yourself up for a long and successful career by finding the right job now. What you need are a keyword-optimized, results-oriented, professional resume and cover letter, and that is exactly what our resume writing service can provide. We’ll work with you to create a resume that will be noticed.


  • Keyword Optimized: Your resume will include relevant keywords that are relevant to your job role and career objectives.
  • ATS Friendly: Our organized format allows any ATS to easily scan and parse relevant data from your resume, making your chances of landing that interview much higher.
  • Job-specific: Whether you’re a fresher trying to land a job at your dream company or an experienced professional looking to transition to a higher role, our resumes highlight the relevant abilities and experiences that are relevant to the job.
  • A highly impactful professionally written resume + cover letter template
  • Thank you letter + networking templates
  • Formatted for ATS compatibility
  • Keyword-optimized custom resume
  • Clear and concise bullets quantifying your experience
  • Results-oriented resume language & tone
  • Highlight transferable skills and professional achievements
  • 1-hour consultation call
  • Choose a resume writing package based on your needs and career stage to complete the online order
  • Complete a simple questionnaire to flesh out your qualifications, skills, competencies, and examples of your work. We start the writing process after the phone consultation or once the onboarding process is complete
  • Book a 60-min strategy session with your career coach to review the first draft together. It’s an opportunity to fill gaps in your professional and educational experience and get answers to any questions regarding the direction of your new resume
  • We do the heavy lifting to create the initial draft within 5-8 business days. After that, get up to 3-5 rounds of comprehensive revisions based on your feedback. You can view/download your documents and exchange comments or questions with your career coach or resume writer
  • Receive the final delivery in a ready-to-submit ATS optimized resume + cover letter within 7-14 days! Sign off your order after you are satisfied with your final draft to receive your documents in PDF and MS Word (.docx) file format.
  • You’re applying for a lot of positions and not hearing back
  • You feel like your resume never gets in front of an actual recruiter
  • You’re aiming for a promotion or a career change
  • You’re actively seeking a new position or making a career transition
  • You want to position yourself as the most competitive, valuable candidate on the job market
  • You know the value of a powerful resume and cover letter that conveys your value
  • You’re a mid-career or executive-level professional who wants results
  • You want to work with trusted, certified coaches who know what hiring managers and recruiters look for

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