1:1 Coaching with Angie​

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Dive deep into a focused, 2-hour strategy session with our founder, Angie Lee. This intensive coaching session will give you the tools, strategies, and action plan to accelerate your professional growth.​ It’s your first step towards real change. Savour the rarity of having undivided attention from Angie, our esteemed founder, pouring decades of expertise into your professional growth. This intensive coaching session is engineered to transcend the normal bounds of guidance, equipping you with actionable tools, strategies, and a bespoke action plan to catapult your career forward.

  • Inclusive Career Strategy: Forge a strategic career path that’s not just big on dreams but grounded in actionable steps. This session puts you in the driver’s seat, helping you to direct your career growth.
  • Leadership Acceleration: Get equipped with actionable tools and techniques that help you lead and influence others effectively. Learn how to manage relationships and team dynamics and navigate organizational politics easily.
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