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Generational Development boasts a commendable track record in aiding professionals in navigating career transitions and making pivotal career moves. This case study highlights the successful journey of a mid-career level client who transitioned from a traditional product marketing role to a digital product marketing manager role at Microsoft. The client’s name is not disclosed, but we will refer to them as Olivia for this case study.

Olivia had been working in the beauty industry as a marketing manager for a prominent beauty brand for over a decade and felt stagnant in her career. She had always been eager to explore new opportunities in the tech industry but lacked clarity on how to transition. During her initial consultation with career coach Angie, Olivia was impressed by the holistic approach that Gen Dev offers. What set this experience apart from others for Olivia was that Angie took a holistic approach to addressing her needs rather than just focusing on the technical aspects of her career. The session did not feel like a transaction, and Olivia felt comfortable opening up about her work insecurities. Angie’s nurturing and caring demeanor gave Olivia the confidence to trust in her skills as a career coach.

The Power of Reframing the Narrative

With Angie’s guidance, Olivia could reframe her narrative and see herself in a new light. She focused on her strengths and accomplishments rather than dwelling on her weaknesses. This shift in perspective gave her the confidence she needed to pursue new opportunities and take risks. Angie helped her understand that failure is just a stepping stone toward success and it’s all about how you frame your journey. This change in mindset was pivotal for Olivia, and she could finally see her true potential.

Reframing your narrative means taking control of your story and altering how you perceive and present yourself. This process is empowering and often leads to significant personal and professional growth.

The first step is acknowledging your achievements and strengths, not just your weaknesses and failures. Highlight your resilience, lessons learned, and how you’ve grown from past experiences. Consider the challenges you’ve faced and overcome, even if they seem insignificant. Each of these experiences has contributed to your growth and development. Next, understand your values, passions, and motivations. These elements are key to your narrative and shape how you approach your goals.

Identifying Values, Strengths, and Weaknesses

Through various assessments and exercises, Angie helped Olivia identify her strengths and weaknesses. This was a crucial step as it allowed Olivia to better understand herself in the context of her career goals. She realized she had been undervaluing her skills and accomplishments, which had prevented her from taking the next step in her career.

Angie also helped Olivia identify her core values and understand how they significantly impacted her career decisions. This exercise gave Olivia clarity on what she truly wanted in her professional life and allowed her to align her new career goals with her core values. It was eye-opening for Olivia, as she had never taken the time to reflect on this aspect of herself before.

Career Planning, Goal Setting, and Action Steps

Angie helped Olivia create a career plan aligned with her values, strengths, and goals. They worked together to identify potential job opportunities and develop strategies to overcome any challenges that may arise during the job search process. With Angie’s support, Olivia felt more prepared and confident in navigating the job market.

The action steps they devised were specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). This approach helped Olivia stay focused and motivated throughout her career transition. With Angie’s continuous support and guidance, Olivia was able to successfully land a new job that was aligned with her values and allowed her to thrive in her career.

The Importance of Mentors

Olivia’s success story wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and support of a coach and mentor like Angie. Having one can provide invaluable insights, advice, and encouragement that can help you navigate challenging situations. They can also serve as role models and offer valuable networking opportunities. Olivia realized the importance of having a coach in her career journey and continues to seek mentorship from experienced professionals in her field.

In fact, research has shown that having a mentor can significantly impact career success. A study by Gartner found that employees with a mentor are more likely to get promoted and receive higher salary increases than those without a mentor. Mentors can also help individuals develop important skills and knowledge, provide feedback and support, and offer a different perspective on career decisions.

The Transition

With Angie’s guidance and support, Olivia successfully transitioned into Microsoft’s digital product marketing manager role. She was thrilled to discover that her role allowed her to utilize her strengths and passions while challenging her to grow and develop continuously. Even after Olivia had settled into her new role, Angie continued to provide mentorship and support. She helped Olivia navigate challenges and offered valuable insights that helped shape her career path. Olivia was grateful for the ongoing mentorship and credited it as a critical factor in her success.

Working with a mentor like Angie was a game-changer for Olivia. It not only helped her land the job of her dreams but also gave her the confidence and support she needed to excel in her career. This experience highlights the importance of having a coach and how it can positively impact personal and professional growth. It is never too late to seek mentorship and guidance, and the possibilities are endless with the right mentor by your side. So, don’t be afraid to find a coach to help you achieve your career goals. Continue learning, growing, and seeking opportunities to develop yourself personally and professionally. The journey may not always be easy, but with determination and the support of a mentor, you can achieve great things.


The client began navigating a challenging industry transition, uncertain of the value they could bring to potential employers. They sought a career coach who would take a holistic approach rather than simply finding another job. Generational Development stood out in the field for its unique approach to career coaching. Led by Angie, an empathetic and experienced coach, Gen Dev shifted focus from a transactional relationship to a nurturing, relationship-building experience. Angie excelled in helping the client understand their values, skills, and aspirations, leading to a surge of self-confidence.

The engagement with Gen Dev was about securing a new job, self-discovery, and personal growth. Through Angie’s coaching, the client was able to make better sense of their story, highlighting the relevance and significance of their previous work experiences in shaping their career. This clarity was pivotal in positioning the client successfully within the digital product marketing domain, aligning with Microsoft’s cutting-edge culture and ethos.

Generational Development’s holistic approach successfully empowered the client, enabling them to overcome insecurities and land a coveted role in Big Tech. This case is a testament to Gen Dev’s ability to guide professionals through a transformative journey, optimizing their distinct skills and experiences for a dynamic digital landscape.

Don’t let your career drift in uncertainty. Take charge of your professional journey with Generational Development. We invite you to experience transformative career coaching that goes beyond securing a new job. It’s about self-discovery, personal growth, and aligning your unique skills with the dynamic digital landscape. Book a free consultation with us today, and let’s start crafting your success story.

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