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Supercharging Your Network

Networking is an art and mastering it will greatly increase your chances of landing the job you’re after. Building a network is critical to a successful job search, as getting a job often relies on referrals and your network.

Stop trying to hit home runs with every touchpoint. Instead, focus on small wins that move the conversation forward. When connections are total strangers, it is important to start with a simple ask that they can reply to in 30 seconds.

An effective formula to try:

“Hi (name), your experience in (industry) is really impressive. I know you’re busy, but I had a quick question: If you had to start over and work your way back to (insert achievement) would you do A or B? This formula makes it incredibly easy to respond and now the door is open! Let this person know you took their advice and then ask for more.

Utilize LinkedIn effectively. As soon as possible after meeting someone new (either online or in person) send a LinkedIn connection request with a personalized message asking to keep in touch.

Try typing a company name in the search bar and head to the home page. Click “see all employees on LinkedIn.” From there, use the filters to figure out who your potential boss would be. Then you can head to to search for their email. 

Always remember:

  • Never openly ask for an interview. Instead, ask questions to find whether the company, its culture and its employees are a fit for you. Let people know you want to learn from their experience in your field. 
  • Never ask for a job. As you speak with your connections, simply let them know you’re in the market for a certain role and would appreciate if they let you know about any potential opportunities. 
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