Pre-Application: Job Search Strategy
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Interviewing & Negotiating Offers

Acing Your Job Interview

As you prepare for your upcoming interview:

Research the company, vision, mission and leadership profiles. Understand the company’s history and background as well as its values and mission – research the company and the industry thoroughly to be better prepared for the second interview’s more in-depth questions.

Determine the estimated salary range (based on the market data and competition).

Understand relevant work experience and come up with examples of past accomplishments. What previous relevant work experience do you have that could be transferable or closely related to the position?

Address any employment gaps.

Set the objectives of the interview. The main goal of the telephone interview (screening calls) is to provide the recruiter with specific information about you so you can move on to an actual interview. The phone screening interview isn’t about making a decision about who’s going to get hired. Its purpose is to identify candidates who won’t make the final cut. Avoid any distractions and keep it conversational.

Prepare the location of the meeting as well as charging phone, Bluetooth headset, etc. Use a landline whenever possible, and disable call waiting to avoid interrupting calls. Convey the enthusiasm and interest for the position. With no body language to read, you should be ready to give your full attention to verbal cues that can influence your decision.

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