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A mere 14% of C-level executives believe they have current leadership to executive their strategy. Put a plan in place to strategically grow and build your leadership pipeline to avoid a shortage in the future.

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Executive Coaching is a focused individual learning process. This model represents the important elements of the leadership coaching process that will be used by Generational Development coaches in this coaching program. The key steps in the coaching process are summarized as:

Assessment/Feedback. Participants will take a series of assessment tools as part of the leadership development process. Generational Development coaches are skilled in the use of 360 feedback, DiSC, EQ, Myers Brigg, and other tools to help support individual learning. This feedback will be integrated into their individual development goals and ongoing coaching. 

Development Planning. Based on the assessment and feedback information, coaching conversations, and other input, coaches will work with each participant to define specific coaching goals. These goals will be documented in a development plan that will be used to guide the participant’s learning throughout the leadership development and coaching process.

Coaching Delivery. Coaching will be delivered roughly on a monthly basis to participants. The coaching sessions will be delivered in one-hour meetings and may include dialogue between coach and participant, role playing, skill practice, homework assignments, and other learning activities as determined by the participant and coach.

Learning Transfer. The primary advantage of coaching is that it not only provides one-on-one development, but also helps participants transfer their learning from the training and coaching experience to their personal and professional lives.  Generational Development coaches will help participants identify real-time applications of their learning to their own leadership challenges.

Coaching Testimonials

Awards are Good, Happy Clients are Better

As a result of working with my Gen Dev coach, I have developed a better understanding of my actions. Samantha asks the pointed questions to lead me to very solid decisions. She has helped me to focus and prioritize professional and personal goals. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions. I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Samantha. This experience has been very rewarding. The benefits of having an external coach has been rapidly visible. Thank you, Sam!
Corporate Counsel at Confidential
Angie is a fantastic coach and a very pleasant person to talk to. Through her asking of pointed questions but in a gentle manner, she really facilitates easy conversation and self-discovery. She really took her time to get to know me first before making specific suggestions, comments, or action steps The coaching experience made me reflect on my value system and the non-negotiables in my life. Through the coaching process, I feel like I have learned more about myself and was able to put those words in writing so that I am held accountable for my own reflections and actions.
Senior Financial Analyst at New York-Presbyterian Hospital
It was one of the best investments I have made in myself! Working with Angie at Gen Dev has made it very clear what my values & skills are, what I'm aspiring for, and what is important to me in my next career. I enjoyed every session with her, and overall I gained a lot of self-confidence in my work experiences, and ultimately, I was able to land my new job, which I'm super excited about. I would say that this is helpful if someone needs guidance for the next steps in their career, whether it is an industry change, job role change, or simply unsure of the next steps.
Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft
I would describe it as the best investment you can make in yourself. After consulting with Gen Dev I had more clarity on what I wanted out of my career. The consultants are knowledgeable about many industries and they share that knowledge with you to help you navigate the job market. Afterward, I was able to navigate with clarity what my next career move should be. Once my resume was created and my LinkedIn page was revised, I received a lot of traction and was able to land interviews within days, eventually getting a job offer in less than two months.
Senior Compliance Officer at JPMorgan Chase & Co
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Bespoke Executive Coaching Solutions

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