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How Can We Help? 

We’ve put together a list of commonly asked questions to give you more information about the products and services we offer. Whether you’re curious about coaching, a promotion, or even press—our team is ready to answer any questions. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, send us an email at 

Getting Started

If you want to fast-track your career transformation, start with the 1:1 coaching package. If you are short on time and can’t invest a ton of time and resources into coaching, take smaller steps like updating your resume and LinkedIn profile or brushing up on your interviewing skills.

We offer a complimentary 30-minute discovery call to get to know you better and see if we will complement your professional growth plan.


You can email, call, or use the link to schedule your call now.

You can browse the coaching page for a list of all coaching programs or resume service page for a list of all available packages. To see a list of all products/services, visit our online shop here.

About Generational Development

Generational Development is a career platform dedicated to making coaching widely accessible to all by delivering superior products and services.


We’re a team of former hiring managers and recruiters who work one-on-one with mid-career to executive-level professionals to enhance their career, developing coaching solutions, personalized marketing and search tools for securing a new position, promotion, or successfully navigating a career change.

We work with mid to senior level professionals who are looking to maximize their chances of securing an interview and landing their dream job.


We help clients design career growth strategies, actionable workshops, coaching engagements and bespoke leadership development solutions to spark a culture of growth. 

With experience from Fortune 500 companies and diverse industries, the Generational Development team is ready to provide personalized, proven career enhancement to professionals who want to achieve more.

Our team is NYC based with sprinkles of travel!

Orders, Payments and Billing

As soon as your online order is placed we’ll send you an order confirmation email. Once your order is open, one of our team members will follow up with a welcome email with instructions for the next steps. You can also log into your GenDev account to check the status of your orders.

We accept secure payment through Stripe and PayPal which allows you to pay with all major credit & debit cards through a secured online payment gateway.


See following section for flexible payment plans and options.

Yes! We are thrilled to offer clients the option to pay through PayPal and Affirm (US orders only). To get started, you can check out online by selecting the option. When you get to the checkout page, select PayPal or Affirm as the preferred payment and the system will take you to the website to complete the transaction.

Launched by PayPal in 2012 for handing out loans for online purchases, Affirm is a service that offers people a unique alternative for credit in the modern world. To learn more about Affirm click here.

Coaching is a great gift to yourself and to those you care about.


We offer gift certificates in various amounts that can be applied to our products and services.


Please navigate to the Gift Certificates section of our website for more info or to make a purchase.

If you have a gift card or discount code (lucky you!) you will add the code at checkout in the field labeled “gift card or discount code” and click apply. Only one discount code can be used per order. Discount codes cannot be combined with account credit redemptions.

All online orders are processed within 24-48 hours or up to 2 working days of order receipt (excluding weekends and holidays).


You can expect a client onboarding email from a member of our support team.


If you have questions, write to us at

Professional Coaching

It is a high-impact process that empowers individuals to understand their challenges and use their strengths to find solutions. Our certified coaches help our clients by serving as trusted advisors who support developing strategies to solve clients’ own problems and ultimately achieve peak performance.
Virtually anyone with a career can benefit from professional coaching. Business leaders and many others (including various professionals and business managers) looking to advance professionally, foster personal growth, navigate tough transitions, or become better leaders will especially benefit.

Traditionally, psychotherapy has focused on traumatic experiences in the past and how to understand their effects on the patient’s current life situation. On the other hand, coaching focuses more on the present and future. Rooted in “positive psychology,” coaching helps the client draw on his or her personal strengths in order to formulate successful action plans.

The individual needs of the client determine this. At one extreme, some clients have used just one powerful session to achieve a major change in their mindset and to make a plan for substantial behavior change. Other clients have worked with us for years to achieve and sustain an evolving set of personal and professional goals. Then there is every possible theme and variation in between these extremes.

What happens in our sessions stays in our sessions.

Coaching can help you reach your highest potential by figuring out exactly what you want and designing and taking strategic action to make it happen. Coaching can help you improve executive function skills like task initiation, sustained attention, planning/prioritization, working memory, time management, and goal-directed persistence to perform at our full capacity.
A coaching relationship is very personal. You should feel comfortable with your coach. When you’re talking to a potential coach, ultimately, the best coach for you is one who listens to your needs and goals, but also has the skills and experience to help you reach those goals.

96% of our career coaching clients land an interview within 6 months of working with us on their resume, interviewing skills, LinkedIn profile and 1:1 interview coaching. These are normal results you can expect to achieve if you’re willing to put in the work.


Like any relationship, coaching is a partnership, so the communication must be a two-way street that is heavily traveled in both directions. We will commit to showing up as your coach, and we will expect you to do the work required as a client.

The interview prep coaching and training includes some elements of presentation skills development. The mock interview is designed to evaluate your communication skills and prepare you for job interviews or promotions. We can discuss further on the areas of development and growth during our first session.

Our career coaching is designed for mid-career professionals who are looking to identify their ideal career path and build a proactive strategy in career development.


Through a series of individual 1:1 coaching sessions, your coach will help you stay laser-focused and organized, achieving the role or career shift you desire. You can benefit from: 


  • Developing a clear personal development action plan
  • Practicing and enhancing their job search knowledge and skills
  • Establishing networking strategies
  • Discovering alternative career options
  • Identifying the skills and abilities that can be transferred to new jobs and careers
  • Gaining confidence through every step of their job search or career change

Our coaches typically work with mid to senior-level professionals and executives whose careers span many industries and functional areas including Financial Services, Tech, Media and Healthcare. 


Our capabilities include working with clients to draw out the best selling points, hone your messaging, and provide honest, constructive feedback so you can achieve professional success.

We understand that every client’s needs are different so we start by developing an individualized coaching plan.
We typically begin by addressing topics like developing a strategic job search action plan with a target company list, identifying job search and networking activities to help you track your progress and results. 

Career Coaching package includes a resume and cover letter development and there will be a session dedicated to developing your interviewing skills. We incorporate coaching tools that will help uncover your core values and strengths so we can start to incorporate them in our coaching plan.
If you need more support in other areas of your life we can focus on that first then move into job search planning for example.
Our coaches can work around your schedule on weekends and during/after business hours.

The coaching calls are approximately 60-75 minutes in length with a frequency of 2-3 meetings per month. All meetings are completed virtually via phone or zoom).


Below is a sample-career coaching plan created for clients actively pursuing a career change or transition. 


Goal Setting and Distilling Your Career Goals

Having a career strategy will motivate you to figure out what you really want from your career and work towards your goals. As part of the kick-off session, your coach will help define your career vision and strategy to align personal and professional goals.


Identifying Your Strengths and Core Values

An alignment between your career and your strengths + values produces satisfaction, a sense of happiness, and fulfillment. We will focus and narrow your career options by reflecting on your strengths, skills/interests, and goals to help you decide the best career path.


Finding the Right Job Title and Perfect Company

Exploring your desired job title and industry before starting a job search will help you find the right opportunity and speed up the process.


Optimizing Career Marketing Tools

A great resume should immediately show what sets you apart from other candidates – it’s a business document that acts as an initial introduction and pitch to a potential employer. Together, we’ll create an impactful resume tailored to your career, experience, and job search goals.


Supercharging Your Network

Networking is essential to your success and key to a successful career transition. In this session, we’ll develop an effective strategy to leverage/expand your network so you can yield generous returns.


Communicating Your Personal Brand

In this session, you’ll craft a compelling narrative that communicates a powerful personal brand. We’ll go over practical techniques to leverage your brand to build genuine relationships that lead to new opportunities and increased influence—no matter your career level or aspiration. 


Strategies for Effective Interviewing

Interviews are more than just conversations with prospective employers, and preparation for one can be stress-inducing and overwhelming. We’ll boost your interview skills by clarifying your selling point, making your case to a hiring manager, and developing a well-defined strategy through a 1:1 individual mock interview.


General Coaching Session on Topic of Your Choice

Do you have an idea of what makes a great coaching topic? You can choose a meaningful topic of focus for a coaching session.


Negotiating Your Job Offer

In this session, we’ll work together to discuss the negotiation tactics to maximize your earnings by financially advocating for yourself. Topics include determining your worth in the job market as well as understanding how to tackle tricky negotiation conversations.

Resume Writing Service

  • Choose a resume writing package based on your needs and career stage to complete the online order.
  • Complete a simple questionnaire to flesh out your qualifications, skills, competencies, and examples of your work. We start the writing process after the phone consultation or once the onboarding process is complete.
  • Book a 60-min strategy session with your career coach to review the first draft together. It’s an opportunity to fill gaps in your professional and educational experience and get answers to any questions regarding the direction of your new resume.
  • We do the heavy lifting to create the initial draft within 5-8 business days. After that, get up to 3-5 rounds of comprehensive revisions based on your feedback. You can view/download your documents and exchange comments or questions with your career coach or resume writer.
  • Receive the final delivery in a ready-to-submit ATS optimized resume + cover letter within 7-14 days! Sign off your order after you are satisfied with your final draft to receive your documents in PDF and MS Word (.docx) file format.

All of our career services team members are former hiring managers or recruiters and/or seasoned veterans of the trade like professionally trained coaches.

We strive to meet client’s specific needs and expectations in planning for the future and achieving their career goals. It normally takes between 7-10 business days from the time onboarding is complete.

Online Courses

Unlimited lifetime access! After enrolling, you have unlimited 24/7 access to this course (including future updates!) – across any and all devices you own, for life.

The course starts as soon as you sign up. It is a completely self-paced online course so you decide when you start and when you finish. 

When you sign up for our Job Search Accelerator Online Course, you will learn how to develop, implement and execute a job search plan. The course materials are designed to meet training requirements for a modern job seeker navigating today’s job market. During training, you will learn about:


  • Gaining career clarity, career anchor and focus giving you the confidence to make the right decisions
  • Identifying your career goals to map your ideal legacy Creating a strategic roadmap based on your strengths, talents and values
  • Building a resume and cover letter hiring managers will notice
  • Developing networking skills and strategies to empower you in a job search
  • Improving interview performance, including preparation tips for before, during and after the interview

Help & Support

To be eligible for a refund, a written request will need to be sent to We grant full refund for orders canceled within 24 hours upon signing up. After the 24-hour period, a 10% administrative fee is charged for refunds. If a project is canceled following the first draft, 50% administrative fee is charged and 75% administrative fee is charged after 2 edits. Our return policy is available here.

Your personal and contact information written on your resume are all safe with us. Any communication you have with our team members will also be kept confidentially and accessible only via our in-house system. For more information, you can read our Privacy Policy here.

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