Are you ready for a new job?

But this time – You want a job that

Supercharges Your Career!

You’ve been working hard for 10+ years now.

✔ You’ve been a good employee.
✔ You’ve taken responsibility.
✔ You’ve proven yourself (and even exceeded expectations!).

You know you have WAY more potential. You’re hungry for more.

And now, you want that truly powerful next job.

You want a much better job that:

✔ gives you meaning and purpose.
✔ will make Mondays exciting again.
✔ pays you a much higher salary (+ benefits!)
✔ engages your heart & soul and makes you happy.
✔ recognizes and rewards your true potential.
✔ raises your quality of life with the perfect work-life balance.

The kind of job that you’re supposed to get only if you’re “lucky”, or if “know the right people”.
GenDev has helped mid-career professionals land top industry jobs within weeks.

You’re Realizing That Finding Your Perfect Job Is Tougher Than You Thought

You’ve been at this job search thing for a while now. You’ve tried everything. You’ve been proactively applying to every job opening. You’re sure your resume and cover letter cannot be any better than they are now. You thought recruiters would be falling over each other to get you. But all you hear is…crickets!

How many of these are true for you :

Even if you checked ONE box…Here’s what’s going wrong.

What Got You Here, Will Not Get You There

Right now, you’re among the more than 99% of candidates who get rejected.

Why? Because you’re applying the same job search strategies that you applied at the beginning of your career. But that was more than a decade ago.

We’re currently at a cusp – where the job market has never held as many challenges as before. And it has also never had as many opportunities as before.

If you want to secure high-impact job offers, you need a new game-changing job search strategy that will place you among the top 1% candidates.

Hi, I’m Angie Lee

As an executive coach, my work has included individualized career campaigns for leaders of world’s most admired companies, including Amazon, Google, Citi, AMEX, AB Inbev, Walmart, Nike, Accenture, Fiserv, and many others.

As the Founder of Generational Development – a career growth platform dedicated to YOU, I assure you:


Be Among The Top 1% Candidates

There is a science and art to a successful job search.
We’ve made it easy for you to work with us through our high-impact coaching program that will help you land a job beyond your expectations, within weeks.

Career Growth Coaching Program

Perfect for you to achieve clarity if you’re feeling stuck + improve your mindset with proven techniques, and map out your step-by-step career path. You’ll create a results-oriented resume that will be irresistible to recruiters. Cut through the confusion and build out a strategic plan that has worked for everyone who’s opted for this package. With personal access to your career experts and DIY templates & plans, you’re on your way to your job sooner than you can expect. We developed this after successfully coaching hundreds of C-Level execs, VPs, and Directors across different industries. Includes assessing values, strengths, and interests to identify the best-fit roles to help you move forward in the right direction.

With all of these packages, you’ll get:


Cut Above The Crowd

(It’s the Most Important Investment In Your Career And Life Growth)

Now is the BEST time to level-up your career growth because you’re at the peak of your energy.

Self-Paced Online Course + Coaching

Total Investment : $149

5-Session Career Exploration Coaching

Total Investment : $149

10-Session Career Growth Coaching

Total Investment : $3800

Are You Ready?

If you’ve been feeling an itch for a while. An itch when you wake up to go to your current job, an itch when you see leaders way more successful than you. Then yes. That itch is a confirmation that it’s time for you to seek our coaching.

Can This Career Coaching Help You?

Personal and professional growth through our programs are affirmed and guaranteed. We have more testimonials than we can count. We’re confident we can help you take that next big success in your career.


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