Your Coaching Journey Starts Here

1:1 Coaching with Angie

120 mins — $499

  • Develop a strategic career plan, incorporating your professional goals and the steps necessary to achieve them, leading to structured and focused career development.
  • Acquire effective leadership and communication skills, enhancing your ability to lead teams and establish strong professional relationships.

Immerse yourself in a focused, 2-hour strategy session with our founder, Angie. This intensive coaching session is designed to give you the tools, strategies, and action plan you need to accelerate your professional growth.

Career Coaching

4 Session Package $2999

  • Personalized Coaching: Private sessions to help crystalize your career goals and keep you accountable throughout your journey.
  • Expert Guidance: Work closely with experienced career coaches who offer insights into current market trends and industry-specific strategies for success.
  • Job Search Plan: Follow a structured plan customized to your goals, skill set, and preferred companies to land your dream job.
  • Resume Building: Partner with us to create a compelling resume that tells your unique story and markets your achievements.
  • Online Course Access: Engage with our Job Search Accelerator Online Course, featuring 5 immersive modules and expertly crafted lessons on career visioning, branding, strategic networking, and mastering the interview process.
  • Exclusive Resources: Access our extensive library, including job search playbooks, ATS-friendly resume templates, templates, worksheets, and checklists to guide you through the job search process.

Leadership Coaching

12 Session (Individual & Group) Package $9999

  • Establish a unique and personal leadership brand, clearly differentiating yourself from the competition.
  • Master the art of effective communication and learn to articulate value proposition authentically, enhancing your influence within your organization.
  • Develop a strategic approach to building professional relationships, expanding your network, and opening up new  opportunities.

Accelerating Women Leaders

12 Session (Individual & Group) Package $9999

  • Empower yourself to challenge and overcome societal and professional prejudices, positioning yourself as a strong, confident professional in your field.
  • Equip yourself with effective tools and strategies to combat gender biases in the workplace, fostering an environment of equal opportunity and respect.
  • Cultivate a strong, resonant personal brand communicating your unique value proposition, paving the way for career advancement and leadership roles.

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