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Lacking confidence, clarity and direction in your career?

Striking a healthy balance and achieving work-life balance can be a major challenge even in the best of times. We often experience career stagnation when we feel a lack of engagement (or disengagement) with our work. If you’re struggling to make positive changes in your career, coaching may be the perfect solution for you. 

A professionally trained coach can help you learn more about yourself and your beliefs, perspectives, strengths, talents, values, and passions. Increase in self-awareness can not only allow you to shift to experience yourself, others, and the world in a much more positive way. Still, it can also help you better understand what you need in a career to find greater meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. 

Let us help you break free of inertia, conquer that feeling of being “stuck,” and make powerful progress toward your career goals.

Angie Lee, Executive Coach

After launching my career in the financial services industry, I’ve led a high-performing team of 50 with $30M P&L responsibility, being elected as the board chairman for the world’s largest Asian trade association, which led to starting my first-time founder journey (all without turning into a self-centered, miserable jerk). 

My work in this field has afforded great opportunities to make powerful impressions through individualized career campaigns for leaders of world’s most admired companies, including Amazon, Google, Citi, AMEX, AB Inbev, Walmart, Nike, Accenture, Fiserv, and many others. As an expert and a national speaker, my unique work has been recognized by top industry leaders from startup founders to Fortune 500 leaders, C-Suite executives, Emmy-award winners, NYT best-selling authors, VC’s and angel investors.

We work with clients who are actively pursuing a new position or promotion. Our career coaching is designed for mid-career professionals who are looking to identify their ideal career path and build a proactive strategy in career development. Through a series of individual 1:1 coaching sessions, your coach will help you stay laser-focused and organized, achieving the role or career shift you desire. You can benefit from: 

  • Developing a clear personal development action plan
  • Practicing and enhancing their job search knowledge and skills
  • Establishing networking strategies
  • Discovering alternative career options
  • Identifying the skills and abilities that can be transferred to new jobs and careers
  • Gaining confidence through every step of their job search or career change

One-on-One Career Growth Coaching Program

Goal Setting and Distilling Your Career Goals

Having a career strategy will motivate you to figure out what you really want from your career and work towards your goals. As part of the kick-off session, your coach will help define your career vision and strategy to align personal and professional goals.

Identifying Your Strengths and Core Values

An alignment between your career and your strengths + values produces satisfaction, a sense of happiness, and fulfillment. We will focus and narrow your career options by reflecting on your strengths, skills/interests, and goals to help you decide the best career path.

Finding the Right Job Title and Perfect Company

Exploring your desired job title and industry before starting a job search will help you find the right opportunity and speed up the process.

Optimizing Career Marketing Tools

A great resume should immediately show what sets you apart from other candidates – it’s a business document that acts as an initial introduction and pitch to a potential employer. Together, we’ll create an impactful resume tailored to your career, experience, and job search goals.

Supercharging Your Network

Networking is essential to your success and key to a successful career transition. In this session, we’ll develop an effective strategy to leverage/expand your network so you can yield generous returns.

Communicating Your Personal Brand

In this session, you’ll craft a compelling narrative that communicates a powerful personal brand. We’ll go over practical techniques to leverage your brand to build genuine relationships that lead to new opportunities and increased influence—no matter your career level or aspiration. 

Strategies for Effective Interviewing

Interviews are more than just conversations with prospective employers, and preparation for one can be stress-inducing and overwhelming. We’ll boost your interview skills by clarifying your selling point, making your case to a hiring manager, and developing a well-defined strategy through a 1:1 individual mock interview.

General Coaching Session on Topic of Your Choice

Do you have an idea of what makes a great coaching topic? You can choose a meaningful topic of focus for a coaching session.

Negotiating Your Job Offer

In this session, we’ll work together to discuss the negotiation tactics to maximize your earnings by financially advocating for yourself. Topics include determining your worth in the job market as well as understanding how to tackle tricky negotiation conversations.

Frequently asked questions

It is a high-impact process that empowers individuals to understand their challenges and use their strengths to find solutions. Our certified coaches help our clients by serving as trusted advisors who support developing strategies to solve clients’ own problems and ultimately achieve peak performance.

Virtually anyone with a career can benefit from professional coaching. Business leaders and many others (including various professionals and business managers) looking to advance professionally, foster personal growth, navigate tough transitions, or become better leaders will especially benefit.

Coaching works better than training or consulting or therapy to help all people willing to work to move forward. Why? Because you are co-creating the relationship, the process, and the plans you are ready and willing to do. We are here to help you do that and stay by your side as you move forward.

Traditionally, psychotherapy has focused on traumatic experiences in the past and how to understand their effects on the patient’s current life situation. On the other hand, coaching focuses more on the present and future. Rooted in “positive psychology,” coaching helps the client draw on his or her personal strengths in order to formulate successful action plans.

The individual needs of the client determine this. At one extreme, some clients have used just one powerful session to achieve a major change in their mindset and to make a plan for substantial behavior change. Other clients have worked with us for years to achieve and sustain an evolving set of personal and professional goals. Then there is every possible theme and variation in between these extremes.

Coaching can help you reach your highest potential by figuring out exactly what you want and designing and taking strategic action to make it happen. Coaching can help you improve executive function skills like task initiation, sustained attention, planning/prioritization, working memory, time management, and goal-directed persistence to perform at our full capacity.


Confidentiality cannot be understated. Our coaches maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality with the information you share with us. All coaching calls and messages are totally private. We do not share your information with anyone, unless you give us permission to do so. 


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