Finding Future Leaders: Why Personality Matters

Finding Future Leaders: understand leadership personality

Given the financial and societal impact of global business, there’s an urgent need to understand leadership personality. If we fail to appreciate how leaders’ personalities influence strategic decisions, we risk selecting leaders who are incapable of setting an organization’s direction. Think about it. We are in the midst of great social, economic, scientific and political change. Intelligent […]

Winning the War for Leadership Talent

Winning the war for leadership talent: Succession Planning to Fill the Pipeline

The demand for leadership talent greatly exceeds supply. Few firms are prepared for what the McKinsey consulting firm has called the “war for talent.” “A common organizational mindset is to view jobs as ‘work to be done’ and not as developmental assignments.” – Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter and James Noel in The Leadership Pipeline, 2001 […]

Tough Times, Wise Decisions


In a time when “flattening the curve” requires universal participation, when, how, and who to re-open requires tough decisions. Wise business leadership is needed more than ever before. There’s no shortage of talks, posts, or tweets on our need for wise, capable leaders who pursue the common good; who balance big-picture thinking with next-step management. […]

The Great Leadership Challenge: Fear of Failure


Of all the challenges leaders face, none is more pervasive yet hidden than fear of failure. “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy Leadership is a tough job that requires courage. Doubts, insecurities and fears make organizational challenges more difficult and, in extreme cases, insurmountable. No matter […]

3 Tips for Effective Delegation


A great leader understands how to empower their team and when to delegate effectively in order to keep high morale and achieve maximize productivity in the workplace. Delegation is a skill that can be learned and improved over time, and will prove to increase efficiency throughout your organization, if used properly. Oftentimes, those in leadership […]

Leading with Gratitude

Many people agree that our culture is growing more impatient, selfish, disrespectful and ungrateful. Those who haven’t noticed are likely not bothered, and may be contributing to these disturbing tendencies. Not exactly glowing statements on our day and age. I see these attitudes and behaviors also visible in every corner of the working world, as […]