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We’re on a mission to develop global business leaders who will thrive in an interconnected, globalized world.

Our Leadership Philosophy​

Our leadership philosophy is dynamic, focusing on resilience and lasting impact. We believe leadership involves both guiding others and continually evolving to meet new challenges. Our approach combines compassion, innovation, and strategic action, helping us thrive amidst uncertainty. Through integrated coaching and learning, we offer a framework that ensures all aspects of growth are addressed.

How do we do it? We equip our clients with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and accomplish goals.

Master the 5 Influencing Styles

Our Values as Guiding Principles

Deliver Outcomes

Greatness is not merely about the results but appreciating the journey.

Win with Integrity

We uphold transparency, honesty, and fairness in all our dealings—with our team, clients, and stakeholders.

Build with Heart

We're passionate about our work, building with heart and creating a culture where everyone can thrive.

Champion Learning

Our commitment to learning propels us forward to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Our Story

The COVID-19 pandemic was a turning point for Angie Lee, founder of Generational Development. Fresh from completing coaching training at Brown University, Angie faced a world in chaos. Rather than retreating, she seized the chance to apply her skills. Transitioning from in-person to virtual coaching required adaptability and creativity, sparking doubts about client acceptance and engagement in the new format. Driven by determination, she launched Gen Dev, a virtual platform focused on corporate leadership and talent development.

The journey had its hurdles. Angie and her team tackled the technical challenges of setting up a user-friendly virtual platform. They experienced self-doubt, particularly during low attendance and tech failures in crucial sessions. Scaling the startup seemed overambitious at times, especially when managing hundreds of weekly virtual coaching sessions for an ed-tech startup client felt overwhelming.

A defining moment was being chosen by LinkedIn to join the launch of the Career Experts program—a validation extended to just a few experts globally. This honor reinforced our belief in our mission and opened avenues to impact up to partnering with over 2,000 monthly LinkedIn users. The biggest challenge was scaling operations while maintaining personalized feedback for a growing client base. Refined strategies, scalable coaching modules, and data analytics tailored recommendations.

The turning point came when we realized that our unique approach to career coaching—grounded in empathy, data-driven practices, and continuous feedback loops—could indeed create life-changing impacts. Witnessing our clients secure roles and promotions at tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Verizon, LinkedIn, and Zoom, our confidence skyrocketed. We continued to refine our method, focusing on actionable insights and practical steps, which became pivotal to Generational Development’s success.

We learned that resilience and adaptability are key. Significant sacrifices, such as foregoing short-term gains for long-term impact and investing in team growth, transformed them into compassionate, strategic leaders.

Our method has yielded remarkable results to helping over 1,500 mid- to senior-level professionals to-date across tech, finance, and media advance their careers. Our promise is simple yet profound: to empower individuals to not just navigate, but thrive in their professional journeys. This promise is grounded in proven strategies and backed by testimonials of those whose lives have already been transformed under our guidance.

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