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Generational Development was born out of a desire to help professionals achieve their dream career.

Our team is composed of former hiring managers and recruiters who know the ins and outs of what organizations are looking for in their team members, as well as successful business leaders who learned the ropes the hard way – but made it to the top of their profession. Now, we’ve systemized the steps it takes to change careers, grow a brand, and develop a powerful team of leaders that will transform the future.

Generational Development

Our Core Values

Every Career Plan Tailored To The Individual’s Goals

Unleash the Power of Diverse Team and Grow New Leaders

Transformed Individuals Impact Their Companies

Why Work With Us?

We Listen

We help you find your voice so you can tell a more compelling story about your personal brand.

We Nurture

We create a customized plan for your career transformation and we guide you through every step.

We Launch You into Success

We establish your narrative arrow and launch it at your career growth target.

Meet Our Founder - Angie Lee

I’ve been where you are. Deeply desiring growth as a professional while navigating unknown territory, it took me awhile to gather the courage to create and share my own brand story. 

After launching my career in the financial services industry, I led a high-performing team of 50 with $30M P&L responsibility. I was elected board chairman for the world’s largest Asian trade association in North America. And I started my founder journey. I had to quickly overcome the “youngest person in the room” syndrome.

These experiences deeply formed my expression as a professional and guided my ability to launch my career campaign.

Now, as a certified executive coach, career strategist, and national speaker, I’ve harnessed the power of successful storytelling to empower individuals and companies to build powerful narrative and leadership capacity.

Meet Our Team

Samantha Johnson, Executive Coach

I believe individuals and teams perform best when they are acting from their authentic way of being – and that this is how lasting change is created. I have spent my entire career uniting volunteers, boards members, and senior leadership from the world's leading nonprofit organizations into a clear vision and action.

Sara Collins, Career Coach

With over a decade of success in recruiting and career counseling, I specialize in providing coaching to support career transitions and changes, working with early to mid career professionals who are looking to grow their careers and achieve ambitious goals.

John Reid, Executive Coach

I am a seasoned executive and professional coach dedicated to helping creative professionals align their work with their values and purpose. I strive to help my clients to see life clearly through a fresh perspective so they feel empowered to make the decisions.

Become Part of the Generational Development Team

We’re always looking for the best and brightest coaches to join the team. If you’re interested in helping professionals land their career jobs or building leaders at the organization level, get in touch

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