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If you don’t take steps to grow in your career, you might end up feeling stuck and dissatisfied. Without the right guidance, the hurdles you face can appear impossible to overcome. Picture the frustration of seeing your colleagues move forward while you stay in the same position, unable to advance or achieve what you’re capable of. Without a coach in your corner, you may feel out of sync with your own ambitions, battling self-doubt, and unsure about the path ahead. Don’t let your career dreams fade away—act now and change your trajectory!

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Unlock your potential with our tailored coaching programs to hone your skills and propel your career forward. Our expert coaches provide the insight and strategies to excel in your professional journey.

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Navigate your most challenging hurdles with confidence. Our personalized coaching offers actionable solutions and continuous support, empowering you to tackle obstacles efficiently and stay on track toward your goals.

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Position yourself for success and upward mobility. With our guidance, you'll master the art of self-presentation, networking, and strategic career planning, leading to heightened recognition and opportunities for advancement.​

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Since 2020, we’ve successfully guided more than 1,500 professionals to reach new career heights. Our extensive experience and commitment to excellence have made us a trusted name in career coaching.


Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

Working with Angie was a transformative experience for me. Her approach to coaching and rebuilding my professional profile was both strategic and thoughtful. Prior to working with Angie I had been struggling with carving out a strong career narrative and articulating my story. Angie quickly understood these challenges and went straight to work. She was quickly able to help me develop a new, compelling professional narrative that has yielded fantastic results.
Head of Revenue Partnerships at Snap
It was one of the best investments I have made in myself! Working with Angie at Gen Dev has made it very clear what my values & skills are, what I'm aspiring for, and what is important to me in my next career. I would say that this is helpful if someone needs guidance whether it is an industry change, job role change, or simply unsure of the next steps. I was skeptical of my transition and the value I would bring to the table as an employee. I was hoping to find a coach who could guide me from a more holistic approach rather than land another job. I was able to make a better sense of my own narrative, which led me to Microsoft. Being able to open up to someone about my work insecurities was therapeutic to overcome those insecurities.
Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft
I doubled my salary and successfully pivoted my career by landing a job at one of the largest technology companies in the world at AWS! Angie has a keen eye for positioning a person's executive career achievements, drawing out the details, and quantifying a person's impact. Angie's approach is strategic, thoughtful, and polished. She empowered me to successfully pivot my career and speak about my experience from a macro level as opposed to focusing on specific tasks or projects. I can honestly say Angie is a critical part of advancing your professional career.
Enterprise Sales Executive at Amazon Web Services
Gen Dev is in the business of positioning clients in the best possible way to achieve the career goals they desire. I have felt as if I've been stuck in my position for years, with no prospects for advancing my career; indeed, with no idea where to turn to next. After speaking with Angie during my initial consultation, I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel for me -- a hope for the future that I had not felt in years. During the process of reworking my resume with her, and boosting my interview skills, I was able to see my professional history in a new light and realize that I do have significant value and can share that value with any potential employer. After my project with Angie was done, I knew where I wanted to head professionally and how to get there. My confidence in myself has returned, and that in and of itself is priceless.
Senior Manager of Product Health and Operations at American Express
I’ve learned a ton about myself working with Angie! I went from working with smaller companies to working for ADP, a Fortune 250 Company. Before working with Angie, that type of company wouldn’t even have given me a chance to interview. She helped me sell myself and my qualities, uncover skills I didn’t know I had or had taken for granted and taught me how to leverage networking to get better opportunities. What surprised me most was how Angie went above and beyond to make sure I got the most out of our time together. Whether I was flaky because I was going through things emotionally or she needed to go overtime to explain something to me, she never gave up on me, I never felt rushed, and she never once complained. I always felt supported.
District Manager at ADP
The process truly made me feel like a client that was cared for and listened to. What surprised me most about the service was how easy the process was. I would describe the service as a resume writer and career coach that really dives into your accomplishments and work history to provide the most accurate and professional resume that can be adapted to any job description or position. From the discovery call, Angie not only made me energized about my resume and job hunting but also about my career. I was excited about how energized I felt about getting the resume together and start applying to progress in my career and apply for jobs that are next level for my position.
Senior Business Operations Manager at SketchDeck

Take the Leap Now

We understand the struggle of feeling stuck and unsure about your professional future. It’s daunting to watch others thrive while you fear missing out. That’s exactly why we’re here—not just to share our expertise, but to offer compassionate support. With our partnership, you’ll gain clarity, overcome self-doubt, and confidently pursue the career you deserve.

Explore a World of Growth and Opportunity

Here at Generational Development, we believe in the power of happiness in your career. True happiness begins with understanding and developing yourself. With this in mind, we are dedicated to guiding professionals like you through a transformational journey toward career success and lasting satisfaction and growth. 

Our comprehensive suite of services, including coaching and online courses, are meticulously designed to unlock your full potential. We employ a holistic approach that integrates career counseling, skill development, interview prep, and career growth strategies to ensure you are fully prepared to tackle any career challenge. 

Our process begins with an insightful assessment, followed by the creation of a tailored development plan that aligns with your goals. We also incorporate advanced tools and resources, such as resume builders, mock interview sessions, and networking strategies, to enhance your employability and marketability. By choosing Gen Dev, you are investing in professional guidance and in a brighter and more fulfilling career future.