Why developing your personal and professional brand is important

Your personal brand is at the intersection of how you see yourself and how others see you. It’s more than just your job descriptions; it’s about matching your inner values to people’s perceptions of you.

Personal branding is not shameless self-publicity and ego-stroking, nor is it merely a brand statement listing functional areas of expertise. Having a well-developed personal brand strategy will help you get promotions, be recruited to new projects, and open the doors to more leadership opportunities. People, including new customers, will take you more seriously because you have authority and credibility.

Here are the benefits of developing a strong brand:

  • Gain name recognition
  • Identify your ideal customers and clients
  • Turn potential fans into loyal customers and clients
  • Build trust, confidence, and consistency with your audience
  • Inspire authority in your industry
  • Improve your digital footprint
  • Control how others perceive you
  • Show off your personality, knowledge and expertise

Ask yourself the following questions to understand personal branding more clearly: 

  • What do you want to be known for? 
  • How do you want to show your magic to the world? 
  • How do you want people to talk about your business? 
  • What kind of reputation do you want?

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